These are some projects I am proud of, most of them are personal projects but there are also some projects I build for clients.


Steamleft is built with Rails.

Steamleft had over 650,000 unique visitors, and 500,000 participating users in its first week. It was featured on PCGamer, Kotaku, The Escapist, and dozens of more online outlets.

Steamleft is a webapp that aggregates and compares data between your personal Steam API and HowLongToBeat’s data to estimate how much time it would take to beat your entire Steam library. It also provides hilarious alternatives for what you could be doing with your time, like reading The Hobbit or running across the United States a certain number of times.

Meal Meter


Meal Meter is an app to help people develop beter eating habits. It lets users enter goals and then after each meal they can evaluate how well they followed each goal giving them personal accountability and helping them become more mindful about their meal choices.

Meal Meter is built with React Native and is available in the Apple App Store.

Business Cardistry


This is a simple project React project I built to try out a serverless backend with AWS Lambda. The project took about a day and was really fun.

Business Cardistry is a simple app to design colorful business cards. You can then download a PDF of your card design to send to a printer.

Missionary Memoir


Missionary Memoir has a React frontend and a Node/Express.js backend.

Missionary Memoir is my biggest personal project. Its a business I started to help people print a custom hardcover book from their emails. Its mainly marketed towards missionaries who have sentimental emails from their missionary experiences that they want to keep forever in the form of a hardcover book.